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At Bayou Bathrooms, we aim to take an honest, secure and careful approach to your data. We understand the importance of your personal details and we know and care that your data is used in a secure, sensitive and fair manner.

This policy, alongside our Terms & Conditions is designed to give you a clear, transparent view on why Bayou Bathrooms collect and process your personal details, how we use them, and what rights you have in relation to how Bayou Bathrooms interact with your data.

By visiting, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Why does Bayou Bathrooms require my personal data?

We capture data for a number of reasons:

Mainly, we require your personal details to fulfil an order, request or customer service issue that you've requested. This data is essential to us fulfilling your requirement and is collected as part of our on-going business activities. For example, we collect your address from you during checkout, to ensure we're able to deliver goods to your requested location.

We store some personal details in order to communicate with you relating to our business activities. This may be informing you of our current product range, deals, discounts and offers on our product range. We only do this when you have actively consented for us to add you to our database.

We also store some personal details when you're using our site, to allow us to identify any website technical issues, and for us to develop our systems to provide a fast, easy experience. We don't automatically store many personal details, normally just secure server logs and this is in line with industry best-practices and well-established processes taken by the majority of sites you visit across the internet.

We store your details for as long as is reasonably needed to complete the actions described above. For example, if you have purchased a product from us with a 20 year guarantee, we'll store your personal details for this period of time, so we can assist you during the guarantee period with any guarantee claims.

We may also monitor, record, store and use any telephone, email or other communication with you for training purposes and to improve the quality of our customer service.

What personal data does Bayou Bathroom collect?

Information you provide:
When you enter information into various forms on the Bayou Bathroom site, and 3rd party partners described below, we store it within our secure systems to fulfil the request you have made. This data may include, but is not limited to:

Your name, address(es), telephone number, email address, payment/card details, your business information.

When opportunities arise for Bayou Bathrooms to use these personal details for communicating with you outside of the agreed actions, we'll ask you clearly for your consent. The main example of this is to add you to our email marketing database, and we'll only send you marketing communications when you have explicitly asked us to.

Bayou Bathroom do not sell on your details onto any third party company. There are instances where we pass on your details to fulfil an agreed purpose, you can find further details of this below.

Information collected automatically:
When you use the Bayou Bathrooms site, we record some information relating to the technology that you use to browse and at times, the activity you take on the website.

This includes, but isn't limited to:
How secure is my personal data?

Information stored and processed by Bayou Bathrooms is secure to the latest industry standard, for example:

When you input your information into our website, we transfer your information to our secure servers via Secure Standard Layer software, known as SSL. You can find details of our certificate my clicking on the [LOCK] icon at the top of your web browser.

We store your personal details on secure servers which utilise high level security protocols. This is industry standard and used by thousands of companies across the world.

Is the information Bayou Bathrooms receives shared with other parties?

Bayou Bathrooms sometimes shares your personal data with trusted third parties. This is to allow us, for example, to process your order or request you have made, to help us personalise our offers to you, for fraud prevention and so on. When we do share your data with these trusted third parties, we only provide the information that they need to perform their services and they may only use your data for the purposes we have agreed with them. These trusted third parties include but aren't limited to, service providers who provide services such as:
In the cases described, we ask these 3rd party service providers to maintain a set level of security and care with your personal details. Each service provider only has access to the information they require to perform their functions, and are not permitted to use this for any other manner. In these cases, service providers process your data in accordance with this notice, and relevant EU and UK law, such as the General Data Protection Regulations.

What information can I access?

You are entitled to make a request to Bayou Bathrooms, sometimes known as a 'Subject Access Request' which allows you to understand what personal details of yours Bayou Bathrooms holds.

In most cases, the reasons for processing data and types of data we hold have already been defined to you within this privacy policy.

Should you wish to make a request, the best way to get in touch is in writing, to our Data Protection Committee which is made up of various business members across multiple departments. They can be contacted at: Data Protection Committee, Bayou Bathrooms

Should you wish to contact us by email, please contact our Data Protection Officer on to enable us to quickly assist with your request.

What choices do I have?

As mentioned above, we do require your personal details to complete our primary function, delivering an order to you. You can, of course, choose not to share these with us but you may be unable to complete a purchase.

You are given the choice during our multiple data entry points whether to opt-in to our marketing communications. We'll adhere to your preferences both at the point of entry, and also in the future, should you change your mind. To instantly opt out of marketing emails, click the Unsubscribe link towards the bottom of any marketing email. You will not be opted out of essential transactional emails, such as emails regarding the status of your order.

You can also make a request for Bayou Bathrooms to 'forget' your information, which means to delete all traces of you from our files and databases.

Should you wish to make a request, the best way to get in touch is in writing, to our Data Protection Committee which is made up of various business members across multiple departments. They can be contacted at: Data Protection Committee, Bayou Bathrooms

Should you wish to contact us by email, please contact our Data Protection Officer on to enable us to quickly assist with your request.

You can also choose to turn off 'Cookies' from within your web browser, or block specific sites from capturing information using this method. We've provided details in the next section on how to easily do this for the most popular web browsers.

How do you use 'Cookies'?

Cookies are small, harmless and confidential text files with unique IDs that help us to recognise you when you visit our website.

They help us to attribute browser behaviour, shopping preferences, advertising preferences and to improve your shopping experience.

We also use cookies to allow us to complete essential functions of the website, for example, when you leave a product page, we need to remember whether you have added this item to your basket as you continue browsing the website.

We also deliver a number of cookies from third party service providers. These provide anonymous IDs back and forth for the reasons described above. We've described a range of these below, so you can understand a typical 3rd party cookie usage.

Analytics - We use analytical software to understand how our visitors are using the site, this includes understand where customers may be having difficulty browsing, where we can add more information or easier processes to make your experience better, and where you're visiting the website from.

Ad Tracking - We use ad cookies to understand how successful our advertisements are. This means that when you click an ad on a search engine, or similar site, we anonymously monitor if you later make a purchase with us. This helps us to create more relevant and informative adverts.

For more information about cookies, we recommend you visit:

Can I opt out of 'Cookies'?

You can choose a range of cookie settings in your browser. For more information on this, please visit the page below that relates to your specific browser.

It's important to note that restricting cookies may have an adverse effect on how functional the Bayou Bathrooms site is. Many integral parts of our website rely on cookies for our core functions, so you may find that the website does not work as intended, and therefore you may be unable to place an order. If you are having difficulties placing an order, please email us at

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