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Basin Taps

A: Taps come in various styles, finishes, and technologies like touchless or sensor-operated. Consider cold start taps which are a great way to reduce energy usage. Towel rails, mirrors, cabinets, and shelving can add functionality and complete your bathroom design.

A: General Tips:

Regular cleaning: Wipe down your taps daily with a soft, damp cloth to remove soap scum, water spots, and dust. Don't use abrasive scrubbers or sponges, as they can scratch the surface. Dry thoroughly: After cleaning, always dry your taps with a clean, dry cloth to prevent water stains and mineral build up.

Specific Materials:

Chrome and Stainless Steel:

Use a mild dish soap solution or warm soapy water.

For tougher stains, try a mixture of white vinegar and water. Apply with a cloth, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

You can also use a stainless steel cleaner for a deeper clean.


Use a mixture of warm water and lemon juice or white vinegar.

Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the finish.

You can also use a commercial brass cleaner, but test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Brushed Nickel:

Use a mild dish soap solution or warm soapy water.

Do not use vinegar or other acidic cleaners, as they can dull the finish.

You can use a specific brushed nickel cleaner for a deeper clean.

Additional Tips:

Remove hard water stains regularly using a descaling solution specifically designed for your tap material. Follow the instructions on the product label carefully.

Prevent water stains by drying any spills immediately.

If your taps are heavily tarnished or scratched, you may need to consult a professional for cleaning or polishing.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to keeping your taps clean and preventing future build up. By following these tips, you can ensure your taps remain sparkling and functional for years to come.

A: Not necessarily! Most taps are DIY-friendly with basic tools. Check the instructions and if unsure, consult a qualified plumber.

A: For most taps changing an aerators simply requires unscrewing the old one and screwing in the new


A: Pedestal basins are space-saving, countertop basins offer storage, and wall-mounted basins create a minimalist look. Choose based on your style, available space, and vanity setup.

A: Mild detergent and water work wonders. For tougher stains, try a vinegar and water solution.

A: Most modern basins have overflow holes and require slotted wastes. Check your basin's specifications.


A: Maybe! It depends on your basin and existing waste. Our friendly team can advise - please get in touch!

A: Click clack opens/closes with a press, push button requires holding, and sprung waste opens by pressing and closes automatically. Choose based on your preference and basin compatibility.


A: Showers come in walk-in, corner, and over-bath options. Rain showers add an element of luxury, whilst hand held showers can assist in your cleaning routine. Consider your space, showering habits, and accessibility needs when choosing.

A: Contact your local water supplier for their minimum pressure requirements. Most modern showers work well with standard pressure

A: Concealed valves offer a sleek look, while exposed valves are easier to access and repair. Choose based on aesthetics and practicality.

A: Not usually, but we do recommend consideration to be given for waterproofing around the wall opening. Concealed valves fit within standard stud walls. Consult your installer for specific requirements.

Shower Trays

A: Measure your shower space and consider the size of your shower enclosure. For tight fitting areas a quadrant shower provides the benefit of a large showering area whilst providing uninhibited access to the remainder of the room. Contact us so we can help!

Shower Enclosures

A: Usually your shower enclosure will match the size of your shower tray. We also offer made-to-measure options for a perfect fit.


A: Dual flush toilets save water, comfort-height toilets are easier to use for certain individuals, and bidets offer added hygiene.

A: Absolutely! Gently guide the lid closed, and it'll softly lower itself.

A: Some models have adjustable hinges. Check the manufacturer's instructions for details.

A: Regular cleaning with disinfectant cleaner is key. For stubborn stains, try baking soda and vinegar paste.

Flush plate

A: Sometimes! It might be a simple issue like a loose connection. Check the instructions or contact the manufacturer for support.


We offer freestanding, corner, and shower baths in various materials like acrylic, steel, and stone.

A: Slotted wastes are for baths with overflow holes, while unslotted are for baths without. Check your bath's specifications

A: Mild detergent and water are best. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners.

A: Use stone-specific cleaners to protect the natural finish. Avoid acidic products.

A: Similar to acrylic, use mild detergent and water. Avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals.

A: Minor scratches can be buffed out with a special acrylic scratch remover paste. For deeper scratches, consult a professional.

Countertop Basins

A: Yes, but ensure your worktop can handle the weight and has proper support and cut outs. Consult a professional for complex installations.


A: Some models do! Check the product specifications for details.

A: Most mirrors offer both options. Check the mounting hardware and instructions

LED Mirrors

A: We do recommend hiring a professional electrician for the installation of LED mirrors

Order & Delivery

A: Simply add your chosen items to your basket and proceed to checkout, or call us for assistance. We offer secure online payment options and clear delivery information.

A: We partner with qualified installers in the local area. Please contact us for details.

A: Yes, we offer a broad range of products in our state of the art showroom in Daventry. We would be delighted to show you the range of products on offer and further options available.

A: We offer various delivery options depending on the size and weight of your order. Standard delivery timescales are clearly displayed on checkout. You are also welcome to collect your order at our showroom.

A: Browse our online inspiration galleries, blog posts, and design guides for expert advice and bathroom ideas, or visit our showroom in Daventry

A: Yes, we offer a returns policy for unused items within a specified timeframe. Check our returns policy for full details.

A: Our friendly customer service team is happy to help. Contact us by phone, email, or visit our showroom for inspiration!

Smart Toilets

Imagine a spa-like toilet with a built-in bidet for a refreshing clean, a heated seat for added comfort, and even an automatic flush for ultimate convenience. Many models also boast features like deodorisers, night lights, and adjustable water pressure for a truly personalised experience.

Absolutely! Smart toilets are designed to complement your bathroom routine, not replace it. You can use a smart toilet like a normal toilet or utilise all the hygienic features of the toilet. You can use toilet paper for drying after using the bidet/washing feature, or use the drying feature to completely remove the need for toilet paper.

The main consideration is cost, as they typically cost more than traditional toilets. You also need to consider the installation - if you are undertaking a renovation or new build and can build a concealed cistern into the wall then a smart toilet can be a real ‘wow’ feature of your project. Alternatively Vitra and Roca offer toilets which have the tank built in which mean you can retrofit them into any bathroom.

Absolutely! The built-in bidet with adjustable water pressure provides a thorough clean,and many models even have self-cleaning features.

Absolutely! If you'd love a more hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience, a smart toilet might be perfect. Think about how much you'd enjoy a warm seat and a gentle clean. They can add value onto your property and reduce your toilet paper usage - good for your pocket and the environment!

While some smart toilets can be installed with a standard DIY approach, some models might require additional plumbing considerations such as a concealed cistern. If you're unsure about installation, don't hesitate to reach out to a qualified plumber for assistance. We're also happy to recommend some trusted professionals in our area!

Yes, most smart toilets require an electrical outlet to power their features. However, some have battery-operated options for specific features like night lights.

Not all smart toilets need a traditional cistern. Some models use a built-in water tank or connect directly to your home's water supply. We can help you find the perfect type for your bathroom!

Most smart toilets are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They often come with a remote control or a simple side panel that allows you to easily control all the features. Many models also have intuitive icons and clear displays for effortless operation. You can also use a smart toilet just like a normal toilet.

Smart toilets come in a range of prices depending on the features they offer. We offer a variety of models to suit different budgets, and we're confident you'll find a smart toilet that perfectly fits your needs.

Smart toilets are designed to be energy-efficient. They typically use no more electricity than a phone charger.

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